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{text:bookmark-start} Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL {text:bookmark-end} STRUCTURE Organizational Structure Romanoff, T. Axia College of University of Phoenix MGT 330 Management: Theory, Practice and Application Peter Espeut October 26, 2009 Organizational Structure Planning and organization are crucial for an organization to achieve maximum effectiveness and success. Microsoft Company, for instance, has an organizational structure consisting of board of directors who include Steve Ballmer as chief executive officer (CEO), senior leaders, executives, and technical leaders. Founded in 1975, Microsoft has grown today into a worldwide leader in software and services (Microsoft, 2009). The organizational structure of …show more content…

Division of labor is a part of differentiation, which divides jobs into smaller tasks and when an employee performs a specific task, it is known as specialization. In some cases, companies divide organizational functions into divisional structure, which contain all the necessary resources required to function. For example, a software company might have a division for home software and a division for business software both providing development and support. Microsoft is the largest software company in the world that offers services for home and business. The company also provides entertainment through video games for Xbox and music for Zune. In the case of Microsoft (2009) there are many different positions within the company from Business Services & Administration to Software Engineering: User Experience and has locations throughout the world. Since Microsoft’s main function is to develop software, it would stand to reason that the largest department within the company pertains to information technology with many specialized departments from development to support. Microsoft has many divisions within the company that include home software and business software and provide development and support. The function of the human resources department is to organize the employees based on their qualifications. The finance department’s function is the flow of cash from accounts receivable to payroll. Microsoft is known

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