Oskar Schell's Mental Health

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Oskar Schell's Mental Health Children who experience traumatic events are more likely to be mentally affected than those who do not. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental health diagnosis that can be found in adult, children, men , and women. The disorder can cause low self esteem, trouble in relationships, and affect work and school. This can cause a person to be aggressive,impulsive, and hyperactive. A person who may be diagnosed will often behave angry, bored, or excited due to the amount of mood swings one may have. Another common property of the individuals who are diagnosed with ADHD will show signs of social skill conflicts involving interactions with others. Fro in environments like school. As a result from this a person would have difficulty focusing,remembering, and paying attention. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Foer is a novel that focuses on the grief of a young individual named oskar schell. Oskar is a boy who had lost his father in the nine-eleven incident. During Oscars time of grief he comes across a key he hopes will somehow bring him closer to his father. Throughout the novel Okar experiences the city out of his comfort zone by talking to people while searching for answers. In Extremely Loud Incredibly Close the main character oskar schell has attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Throughout the novel there are signs shown on how oskar has trouble dealing with his daily objectives and comprehending information. Adhd is

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