Otago Museum Bsc Analysis Essay

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In this letter I present the most recent analysis and design of the Comprehensive Balance Scorecard (BSC) for a non-profit, award-winning, and highly progressive with an outstanding broad-based collection, Otago Museum. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is an example of a performance measurement system. The newly created performance measurement system incorporates four different dimensions, such as Financial, Community / Customer Perspective, Internal Business, and Learning / Innovation and Growth, in an effort to achieve goal congruence within an organization. Financial area is concerned with how well a company is using its resources. Also, it shows if an organization can further expand and operate its desired programs. Community / Customer…show more content…
Being seen as a community leader in the offering of knowledge and learning opportunities, it adds value to the museum and forms a positive attitude among community members towards an organization.

Measurement: We can measure Customer / Community Perspective by calculating the number of visitors per year. We can measure museum’s visits per capita, which will give us an understanding of our position in relation to other competitors. As well, we can conduct a survey by visitors on the level of satisfaction they have experienced during their visit to the museum. Also, we can do a more thorough questionnaire within local community as to what kind of improvements / additions, new exhibits they would like to see at Otago museum. This will help us to increase the service quality level.


Goals: To develop our culture and capabilities and To actively care for, protect and develop our collections and physical environment

Strategy: By allowing staff to participate in developing organizational culture, with the support from management, would create a healthy and dynamic environment within an organization. An effective training program enhances employee capabilities and their commitment to the job, and it motivates them to provide a higher quality service to visitors / customers. Collaboration between staff members and the Otago Museum Trust Board creates an effective and positive environment. Collectively agreeing to the values under a
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