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Executive Summary Dear Mr. Bousbib: These are exciting and challenging times at Otis Elevator Company. We are currently the largest manufacturer, installer, and servicer of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways in the world.[1] Just two years ago we completed the second largest acquisition in company history by adding Amtech Elevator Services. This acquisition has proven to be a key strategic maneuver as we have eliminated an industry rival while increasing the company’s revenue, operating profit, operating profit margin, and customer base. Our company’s successful history, entrepreneurial mindset and strong process focus puts Otis ahead of the curve. Most recently Otis has introduced the e*Logistics program. This program…show more content…
The time, money, and resources needed to complete this transition will be needed in abundance, but the benefits reaped will justify our efforts. A key component of enduring these challenges is to align our activities with our strategy. This consistency will give our company fit and protect us from straddling and mimicry. To achieve our goals we must get everyone, inside the company and out, on board. Resistance to change is natural and with 60,000+ employees, and a countless number of suppliers and customers this change will be most challenging. This challenge will be met through our product improvement centers. It is here where employees from all different departments interact early on in the process to identify root causes concerning quality issues, setbacks, etc… and resolve them. In the past, we may not have had cross organizational communication; our employees now, however, need to be knowledgeable about our entire process to be effective. One advantage we have is the familiarity of past IT systems such as SIP, OTISLINE, REM, and SIMBA on which the e*Logistics program will be based. I also recommend that we educate employees, suppliers and customers about the benefits realized by the implementation of the e*Logistics program to ensure a smooth
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