Our Culture is Defined by those Around Us

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Culture is defined to the group of people which learned behavior that has already gave the instruction from previous generation through next generation by imitation and language (Adler 1983 citing Barnouw 1963). Also Schein (1990) describes that culture is a lesson that a group has been studied and solved the problem for internal integration and learnt to survive from external environment for over period of time. For example, behavior, cognition and emotion processes and in the deepest level which is included perception, language and thought processes such as attitudes and feelings. For most of organizations nowadays have to face with an increasing of a diversity of employees which are multicultural employees especially for multinational corporation (MNC) (Fitzsimmons 2013). To deal with different cultures and nationalities, the companies and managers have to learn and understand their employees such as common language, knowledge sharing and performance (Lauring & Selmer 2011) then see how multicultural individuals can help and contribute the organizations (Fitzsimmons, Miska & Stahl 2011) and set the policies or principles for employees could be followed (Demo et al. 2012).
Firstly, Lauring and Selmer (2011) state that there has an argument about the better ways to increase the performance in the organizations which some researches show that when decision making is improved and have better coordinate, it leads to increase the performance besides other researches argue that

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