Overview of the United States Air Force Art Collection

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The conditions of war are rather difficult and require a great deal of concentration and determination. This is one of the reasons for which the United States Army has developed several mechanisms through which its soldiers and recruits can ensure a wider variety of recreational activities that drive them away from the stress of everyday assignments. These include art and music, which are essential for relieving some of the pressures that soldiers face in their duty. There have been numerous attempts through which aspects such as art and music have come to be connected with war-like conditions and that have determined an improved state of mind of the soldiers. At the same time however, there is a constant need to further contemplate the activities undergone by soldiers through different manifestation of recreational endeavors that include, among others, art and music. The United States Air Force has provided the necessary background to encourage the establishment and further development of an artistic view on the activities undergone by its members through the US Air Force Art program. One of the main aspects of the mission of the program is "The United States Air Force Art Collection documents the story of the Air Force through the universal language of art. The actions and deeds of Air Force men and women are recorded in paintings by eminent American artists in a way words alone could never tell. These paintings are both historical and educational and expose the

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