Parent Conflict : Managing Sibling Conflict

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Being a parent to multiple children is a very complex task. Siblings are bound to fight, argue, and have conflict. Different sibling dyads cause different types of sibling conflict. The way that parents address that conflict and attempt to solve it is extremely important in the sibling relationship going forward. The behaviors and beliefs of the parents are crucial in managing sibling conflict. Middle childhood is an area of extreme sibling conflict due all the hormonal changes that children go through. Research has been done to find out the best strategies parents should use when attempting to manage their children’s conflict. This paper will discuss some of the current research findings on managing sibling conflict in middle childhood,…show more content…
The researchers hypothesized that the parents would use strategies that they felt were most effective to manage the conflict. They found that mothers and fathers use whichever strategy more often when they felt extremely confident in their ability to do so. Another hypothesis they made was that mothers would support more child-centered strategies while fathers would support more controlling strategies. They found that mothers thought child-centered strategies and passive nonintervention were more effective than fathers did, while fathers viewed parental control strategies as more effective. Their last hypothesis was that the beliefs and behaviors of the parents would impact the developmental levels of the children. The study found that both mothers and fathers used different strategies for different areas of conflict. For example, fathers would use child-centered strategies with younger sibling dyads; whereas mothers would use child-centered strategies with all age groups. Fathers would use parental-control strategies when they felt less confident in their ability to perform child-centered strategies (Perozynski & Kramer, 1999). Passive non-intervention is a strategy that neither parent used very often. For mothers, they would use this when they
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