Parental Involvement And Children 's Educational Success

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Crystal Kenneson
Professor Lane
English 101
October 20, 2015

Parental Involvement and Children’s Educational Success
Over the past years, most studies on the educational success of a child have focused on the factors that are within the control of the child. They are factors that are directly caused by the child himself such as the level of motivation, discipline level, hard work and the company he keeps. Only a few researchers have focused on the role parents play in the determination of the success that children have in academics. Despite their role being obscure in the scholarly work, it is evident that the involvement of parents in a child’s education plays a significant in determining whether a child will succeed or not. While most scholars argue that a child’s education success is dependent on the level of hard work he or she puts in class, recent studies by different scholars point that a parent’s involvement in school plays a significant part in the education success of their children.
The involvement of parents in their children education comes in many ways, such as helping them to read out at home. The impact of parents helping their kids with their homework at home plays an important factor in the education of a child. In his journal article, Sampson Lee Blair compares the performance of children in education in Filipino and United States of America. His findings show that parental involvement in the education of children is more of an investment and, thus it

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