Paseo Caribe Project Essay

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Case Analysis Trouble in Paradise: Stakeholder Conflict in the Paseo Caribe Project Executive Summary Paseo Caribe project involved multiple parties with differing values and interests which resulted in the controversy and conflict. A collaborative approach in a transparent public platform would allow for better communication, free flow of ideas and the creation of a better product. Problem/Challenge Statement This project involved multiple parties with differing values, interests and opinions. A breakdown in communication, transparency, and collaboration delayed the project from the beginning. Each group fought for their own interests causing conflicts which hindered the progress of the project and negatively …show more content…

He could have proceed with the project regardless of the public’s complaints and disagreements or he could have tried to be more socially responsible and make an effort to address the irregularities in the permits as well as other legally questionable government’s actions . The first decision would badly impact his reputation and the reputation of the construction sector. The latter would require more time and could have negative financial impacts on the project. Other stakeholders in the case are real estate developers. Good reputation of the island’s government locally and abroad is crucial for the island’s contraction sector. Real estate developers realized that the fall of the project will affect the opinion of the foreign investors about the creditability of the Puerto Rican government which will prevent investment flows into the sector. The representatives of the construction sector feared that foreign investors could shift their investment priorities to Dominican Republic or Florida. Security of currently existing construction projects was another concern of the real estate investors. If government permits were revoked for the Paseo Caribe project, they could have been revised and cancelled for any other development project on the island. The Puerto Rican government is another big stakeholder who had to face many conflicting moral challenges. The Paseo Caribe project had the potential to bring

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