Patel Textile And Its Core Competencies

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Patel Textile will use its core competencies to obtain maintainable competitive advantage. It means that the competition cannot provide the same value to the patrons that Patel Textile can. The company already has following core aptitudes: • High quality branded products that are well recognized among patrons. • Company’s capability of creating the sense of community among current customers. • Strong reputation among retailers as dependable manufacture that delivers the request quantity of products on fixed schedule. The company plans to expand on these competencies via marketing efforts that will increase the number of product offered together with additional distribution outlets. Patel Textile believes that it can form a viable competitive advantage over the competition by establishing strong relationship with customers, retailers and suppliers. Despite of hefty number of competitors, none offers the kind of trendy, yet practical products provided by Patel Textile. None of the competitors carry amount of customized merchandise that Patel Textile offers. Additionally, Patel Textile’s products are made of high quality eco-friendly cotton. It means that customers can wear the entire product line outdoors all the time without having to worry about wear and tear. In addition, Patel Textile has affordability as their advantage. On average, products offer by Patel Textile are 33% cheaper than the competitors. It means that customers can effortlessly replace a set of pants or

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