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Bickham1 Desiree’ Bickham Research Rough Daft English IV-1st November 8, 2012 Patient care technicians are multi-skilled medical professional with adequate training in numerous types of duties in a health unit depending on the need. The word patient care technicians , covers numerous task, responsibilities, and duties. patient care technicians , also known as certified nursing assistants are medical worker trained in providing basic hygiene and care to patients in hospitals and other facilities. PCT are trained in high schools, community colleges, nursing homes, facilities, and vocational centers.(Dandey 1). A patient Care Technician is an important person in the patient care process because they assist the doctor when they are…show more content…
Three main focuses of a PCT is recording vital health information, collecting samples, and assisting patients (What is a Patient Care Technician 2). For instance shaving, getting out of bed, taking baths, brushing their teeth and hair, getting dressed, move around, and eating. The reason for all this is that PCT’s mainly assist patients can not do for their selves “special needs” while they are in the hospital or other facilities. Also they must keep the patients room clean and sanitized at all times (What is a Patient Care Technician 3). When a patient needs direct intervention the PCT is the first responder. PCT must be able to work with patients that may be uncooperative due to stress and illness. One is expected to record a patients weight, height, blood pressure, body temperature, and medical history (What is a Patient Care Technician 3). Accuracy and organization is the key factor . A patient care technician helps the patients to perform daily activities. A PCT visits the bedsides regularly, checking on Bickham 4 progress and making professional assessments to inform nurses and physicians of a patient’s mental and physical state. All these actions takes place on a daily bases. This field requires complete dedication and focus. Also samples of blood, stool, skin, urine, salvia is taken if instructed by the doctor. This field requires complete dedication and compassion. Being completely dedicated to the well-being of a patient
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