Peaceful Evacuation

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Peaceful Evacuation
Omar Coley/ Renee Coley
BUS 518 – Project Management Leadership
Strayer University
Dr. Shah Jamali
Spring quarter of 2014

This paper seeks to discuss the leadership styles of two Lieutenant Colonels (Lt.Col.) in the Israeli during a mass evacuation from the Gaza strip. The circumstances of the evacuation are that the Israeli government decided that all settlements in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip would be abandoned, against the wishes of the settlers some of whom had been living there for over twenty years. In addition to the leadership styles topics of discussion will include three examples of leadership actions and behavior and the pros and cons of each example. A comparison and contrast
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“Either because they were not convinced that the evacuation was a crucial mission or simply because they did not want to detract from their ongoing operations by spending energy on it.” (Laufer) Though he was disappointed in what he found he devised a plan to get the personnel he needed. First he instructed his team leaders to identify those least suitable for the mission, second he asked all of the feeder units for highly qualified troops which was met with resistance and lastly he went to his superior and advised him that “Without the personal involvement and commitment to the mission on the part of the commanders of the dispatching units, we have no chance of succeeding.”(Laufer) The pros of each example are that Lt. Col. Yaron made critical decisions that ultimately led to the successful evacuation of the Gaza Strip. Whenever he was meet with resistance he handled the matter diplomatically by first trying to allow the resistors to adjust their attitudes via face to face communication and finally by getting higher ups support. The cons of each example are if he had of used a more direct leadership approach such as being Autocratic he may have gotten the staff and peer support from the onset at the expense of teamwork.
Leadership-Lieutenant Colonel Daniel.
Lt. Col Daniel’s leadership style can be described as Bottom-Up Consultative, which is he “obtains
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