Pediatrician Child Abuse

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A child came to school with bruises all over her body. The teacher asks what had happened and the story is she just fell off her bike… no big deal. This little girl does not have a voice. She fears going home from school everyday. What would it be like not having a safe place, not having somewhere you can go to get away from the world, or having that one person you can talk to about what is really going on in your life? To change this people need to start reporting abuse, child protection agencies need to actually do something, and there should be a support group for the ones that have been abused. Something has to be done for these children. Doctors and other people see child abuse, but few of them report it. People may not recognize it or just do not want to report it and then end up being wrong. In the article “Child Abuse” by John Lantos, it states, “Pediatricians may give adults the benefit of the doubt regarding injuries that may be associated with abuse (McCarthy 2008). They may also be fearful that child-abuse reports will be bad for business” (Lantos 2014). These…show more content…
This is a very serious matter and we can not take it lightly. In some situation this can be life or death for these children. An article by Dustin Dwyer states, “When CPS removes a child from a home, the goal is to reunify that child with their family as soon as possible. Parents are offered services, given a plan with specific goals to meet. And if they meet those goals, and the caseworker and the judge are both satisfied, the child can go back home” (Dwyer 2016). The CPS’s goal is to put the children right back into the abusive household. The parents can decide when they want their kids and when they do not. As long as the parents meet the certain set of goals they can go right back to abusing their kids. If there was any abuse in the home the parents should lose custody, so they do not get that chance to take them
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