People And Surroundings At The County Office

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I can learn many things by observing people and surroundings. I can have an idea what their feelings at the moment. When I was observing at the county office people did not look happy and looked bored. I can learn what do they like to drink or eat. Because I see some people eating some snacks and drinking. I can learn the strategies for moms to keep their kids busy when they get fussy, I saw moms letting kids play with their phones and snacking them or even singing to them. I can learn how each person act different to the same situation, some mothers do not care if their kid cries and others try to comfort them. I can learn that some people love each other no matter where they, I saw young couple kissing each other and holding hands while waiting. I can even tell if a person is easygoing or angry by observing only. I see some people were complaining and some did not care and that gives me clues about a person’s characteristics. I think I do not really have to talk to a person to learn something about that person. Observing for a certain amount of time will give some clues about a person. While I was at the office and observe people and the place I had an idea what was the office and services that they might offer however I was not completely sure. As I leave the office I asked the security guard at the door what kind of services people can get from there and he told me food stamps and things like that. I walked around and saw lots of brochures at the corner. I picked one

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