People and Places in the Service Industries

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1005HSL People and Places in the Service Industries Portfolio Assignment Brief Having completed your quiz, you now need to produce work for your portfolio. The portfolio will be marked out of 100 and forms 50% of the total assessment for the course. There are 3 main parts consisting of 6 sub-sections to the portfolio (1a,1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, & 3) each focussing on the lectures from Weeks 2 to 8. The first step in building this portfolio is to choose a tourism place. This could be a city, hotel, restaurant, theme park, or an event. You will complete 3 main activities: 1. An investigation into the tourism place you have chosen. (40 marks) a) Provide a description of the tourism place you have chosen, including its sense of…show more content…
This promotional material can be in any form but must be attached to your portfolio, and justified in words. If your promotional material is a video clip or web-based, hyperlink the material to your portfolio. (20 marks) Word guide: 600 words 3. A reflection and anticipation of how this tourism place might change in the future. (10 marks) Anticipate how this tourism place might change, providing support for your opinion. Your support should cover some of the key concepts discusses in weeks seven and eight on changing landscapes and renewal and urban precincts. * Word limit: 300 words In preparing your portfolio for submission, familiarise yourself with the content on this site Other required elements (10 marks) Format: Include word count. Use font size of 12, Times New Roman, double-spaced. Include a Table of Contents, with appropriate lists of figures, artefacts, appendices or copies of any web pages you include in the portfolio. You may create links and hyperlinks from your word document to webpages. Referencing: Anything obtained from another source must be referenced properly. You should have at least 5 references. If it is the work of someone else, it must be referenced completely and properly. We follow the APA 6 referencing style. For information about this style, go to L@G and
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