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Performance Management and Organizational Goals

Jeanette Lashley

Dr. Marie Line Germain, Ph. D.

HRM 538 Performance Management

April 28, 2013

Using the concepts of performance management and organizational goals, develop an argument regarding the relationship between the two (2) concepts. Be sure to include discussion regarding the impact of one to another and the challenges presented. Organizational goals are the overall objectives, purpose and mission established by the leaders/owners of a business. These goals are typically focusing on the long range operational goals of the company. These goals should and generally are communicated to each employee at the beginning of their employment with the company. By clearly …show more content…

As a college recruiter at a "for profit" school, customer service skills and a strong work ethic are two of the major skills needed to be successful. It is unfortunately difficult to find employees who are willing to put in the hours and time needed to make phone calls, schedule appointments, interview and give tours to potential students. As a supervisor, I find that so many times instead of being on the phone or doing what is needed to get students in, recruiters are on Facebook, Pinterest and taking care of personal activities instead of doing work related duties. I have even come across employees playing games on their cell phones and work computers instead of working. I was raised and taught that if you are at work, you are to be involved in duties related to your job and to the success of the organization you work for. I have found that this thought is no longer the norm, and this is disheartening. This has indeed become an issue when finding the number of recruiters needed to make our department and school as successful as it should be. Our campus was rated top campus in 2011, out of 132 campuses across the nation, this was not the case in 2012 and we are currently not in that position here in 2013. In order to make budget and continue to grow, Human Resources is having to dig even deeper to find employees who not just give lip service in the interviews, but actually come out of training running to be

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