Perfume Ad Analysis : Heat

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Perfume Ad Analysis: Heat
Our entire lives, sex had been used to sell. It is only natural that we have a brain that responds to certain primal instincts. Perfume, fashion, makeup, and many other advertisement companies have created ads with sexual annotations. This now has become a social norm. These techniques have been used for over hundreds of years in advertising, so now our minds are pre-programmed to look at sexual imagery within advertisements. The more sexually provocative an ad is, the more people will be drawn to them. For example, in the perfume ad that features Beyonce, a famous singer, posing sexually in a provocative red satin dress with the word “HEAT” written above her head. This ad is trying to persuade people into buying the perfume known as Heat. By using a color scheme of mostly red and using Beyonce as the celebrity endorser of the product, helps this ad achieve pathos and logos.
In the Heat perfume ad, Beyonce is posing in a very seductive way. Beyoncé’s body language seems as she is staring into the camera trying to seduce the audience into buying the perfume. Her legs are slightly open wearing a revealing red silk dress that brings attention to her cleavage. The perfume is not big or clear in this ad because they want us to focus more on the Beyonce leaning next to it. The vibrant tones of red from her dress, background, and the perfume is a message of branding and sex appeal. Since the product name is Heat, knowing that we associate red with things

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