Personal And Academic Experience At My Bachelor Degree

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Throughout the course at my Bachelor degree, I have realised that communication skill is crucial aspect for any beginnings especially if you are taking this course in different language. Good communication skills is the most important factor to choose an employee. I made a plan for three years in advance; the main objective was to receive Master’s degree qualification. That time I already knew English (Upper-intermediate level), yet there were certain skills that I had to learn and develop, and the communication skill was the first step.

Career objective

Advance communication skills, which includes:
• Assertiveness
• Problem Solving
• Verbal Communication Skills

Personal and academic experiences

Throughout my master’s degree, I have found difficult to open conversation, as it was hard for me to express myself even though I knew all words. I always used to end up saying what I did not want to say. Even when I worked with teams, I would say two sentences to explain what I want, where some of my colleague would describe it in two words. My course is in International Business Management, it acquires a lot of talking and writing. Therefore, I was frustrated and I started feeling that destroyed socially at university and at my future career. Furthermore, during my presentation preparation my colleagues and me were meeting our mentor, there I realised that I was struggling to describe the main point of the project itself, making

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