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My Personal Education Experiences that are of Importance to Me Learning, it’s done in classrooms, in occupation training, and at military training facilities. There is no one place where you can have an educational experience, but there are many many ways that you can learn. Personally, I learn through conversations, experiences, and visual interactions; such as through a lesson on federalism, an activity for political parties, and when I staffed an encampment. The lesson on federalism was an important learning experience to me because it allowed me to understand a topic that I was having a hard time getting a mental grasp on and processing into my studies. We were sitting in class and Mrs.Siebenaller pulled out plates with cake on them. Cake?! In class? Everyone became super excited as every other group of High School Juniors would, it’s food. Free food! Mrs. Siebenaller then placed the plates of cake on the table at the front of the classroom and told us we could have a piece after we explained to her how they related to government. The only thing I could think of was when Marie Antoinette told the people of France to eat cake if they could not afford bread. It was then explained to us that layered and marbled cakes are symbolic of dual and cooperative federalism, which is how the American government is run. Layer cake, with the clear definition between the chocolate and vanilla layers, is an outstanding representation of dual-federalism, which is where federalism is
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