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This personal journal is discussing and to reflect back on my experiences in our Wednesday morning classes. I will be answering five questions in this Journal. The first question is “What were my thoughts or feelings about the Wednesday morning class at the beginning of the semester?” Also,” how did my thoughts or feelings change over the course of the semester?” The second question is “how I would describe the dynamics that I noticed or observed during class on Wednesdays?” The third question is “did I notice our group “moving” or “growing” over the course of the semester?” If so, how, or in what ways? The fourth question is “what did I like or enjoy about our class time on Wednesdays. The last question is “what did I learn about myself or…show more content…
My feeling was anxiety, because I tend to be more shy in a group of strangers than with people that I am close to like family, and people that I work around. When it comes to being in a group, I tend to not talk. My thoughts about the classes changed over the course of the semester because at the end the group sessions turned out to be fun and entertaining. My feelings changed because the class was fun. They also change because Glen made it fun to do and also because we did not just have to sit at a table and write notes all the time. I would describe the dynamics that I observed from the class on Wednesday mornings as informative, educational, and very enjoyable to learn about others. I noticed that at the beginning of the semester everyone was at the Group sessions, but the further we got into the semester, the class started to get smaller and smaller. I noticed that our group was growing over the course of the semester because as we all got more comfortable being in a group setting, more people started talking. I also noticed that the more people started talking, the more we got to know more about the
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