Personal Leadership Self-Analysis

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What a semester it was. From all the undergraduate classes I have taken, I truly enjoyed this one the most. It was meaningful and different from the traditional classes I have taken. I have gained new experiences, perspectives and friends from this class. From all the meaningful moments during our time together, I would say the simplest and subtle moments were the most meaningful. For me, I truly enjoyed the three deep breaths that we would take in the beginning of class. For most people, they were just three random breaths, but for me they were much more. That was the moment during the day where I got stop everything I was doing, physically and mentally. The breaths were therapeutic to me where I got the chance to let go of all the stress and thoughts of the day and just think of nothing. This…show more content…
After this class, I still haven’t changed that definition, but I have added more to the definition of leadership. With the previous definition in mind, I think leadership also consist the ability to know oneself and seek improvement. This class’ approach on leadership was different to what I had originally expected. I thought it would be the stereotypical Western style leadership of having command and assertiveness over others. This class emphasized the significance of personal leadership: the ability to view the world and reflect on on it. It also emphasized the importance of relationship and how a leader can utilize his or her relationships to push their vision. I truly agree with Scott’s definition that leadership is love. A leader must be genuine and show compassion to their followers. This class helped me understand that before I go leading a group of people, I must first be able to lead myself to the right direction. I have to be the change that I want to see before I make the effort of changing
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