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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Promoters

In 2013, I took a bold step; to start a University that served Rwandans. The founding of the University of Kigali is a dream come true for me, after over 23 years of University lecturing and Administrative experience gained from acclaimed universities in Africa and the world.
At UoK we strive to provide an enabling environment for developing innovative solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, through education, research and collaboration; and we go a step further, bringing together industry, government, and academia to cooperate in determining areas in need of change.
Our University has been designed to be a first-class institution; that will offer the highest quality
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The University believes in diversity in the creation and dissemination of critical knowledge, embedded in the richness and potential of the region as envisaged by its founders. The University upholds the highest integrity and professionalism in service delivery.

To provide quality higher education programs that meet the labor market and development needs of Rwanda to graduates who are capable of contributing to national economic and social development and, who can compete on the international labor market.

To be a pole of radiance and excellence nationally and internationally, with our quality education, research and provision of innovative services to the community.

Labour for the future

Mode of study
The University of Kigali provides students with options to adapt their study time to their interests and commitments elsewhere. We have day, evening and weekend sessions. Other facilities offered by the University include online and campus libraries, wireless internet access, a fully equipped computer laboratory, modern lecture rooms, and an easily accessible campus, in a convenient learning environment.

Faculties and Schools

Faculty of Law
Faculty of Business Management and Economics
Faculty of Information Technology & Architecture
School of Accountancy

Our Programs
The University has three intake seasons in a year:

1. Bachelor Degree
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