Personal Narrative: Christian Brothers High School

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Throughout my adolescence, I have attended five different schools. They each had their pros and cons, but ultimately, I left each one except for Christian Brothers High School. For Middle School, I attended Lausanne; however, it became far too expensive. After Lausanne, I went to Germantown High School at the beginning of my Freshman year. This turned out to be one of my worst mistakes which, in turn, became one of my greatest failures. I had managed to do exactly what it took to make decent grades, and nothing more, throughout my entire life. I figured I could use the exact same method to make it through high school. However, at Lausanne, when a student started slacking the teachers would baby them and help them in every possible way. At Germantown High School, where there are 800 students in a single class, they do not have the personnel to hold your hand like they did in middle school. Therefore, as I began…show more content…
I was grounded from my phone, my computer, fresh air, etc. It was rough. Although my mom did take my life away for about a month, she saved me. She called up some of her friends, and gave me another chance at CBHS. Now, switching schools midway through the year is difficult, no matter how old. Honestly, it was awful at first. I was behind in school, I did not know many kids, and I was still in trouble at home. However, as the year went on, I began to do better with school, make some new friends, and eventually, my mom relented on her punishment. Although my grades for the second semester of freshman year are not amazing, they are a lot better than my first semester at Germantown.
My grades have only increased since then. My average GPA for my Junior year is a 4.5! I buckled down, and decided to make up for my piss-poor freshman GPA. I turn in all my homework on time, I am hardly ever late to class, and I make sure to put in enough study time to make the grades on
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