Personal Narrative Essay : A Personal Story Of A Bully

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When I was Bullied I am going to write my personal narrative about when I was bullied by a girl named Anna which is not her real name but I will tell the story using a different name for her. So it all started when we were like in 2nd grade. I happen to walk into Rickers when she was in there and I guess she was mad because her grandma told her stuff that was not true about our dad’s. So she took it all out on me for years. She said stuff like you B word and other cuss words. I was like “ What did I do? “. Then she went on a long rant about somehow it is all my fault that her dad went to jail. The truth is that her dad was buddy’s with my dad and her dad did some stuff and my dad being the good person he is took the blame so my dad went to jail for her dad. Her dad did something after my dad was already in jail so her dad was put into jail too. That night I walked home thinking about everything she said. I should of told someone then, but I didn't I locked it inside and crying myself to sleep every night. It did stop there it happened at school too. I would come home and feel like I am a mistake. So she dropped it for a while, but just as I felt like it was all over it happened again in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Finally in 3rd grade I told someone and that someone was Mrs. Clock my 3rd grade teacher. She told my Nana, Anna’s grandma and talked to them about it. So we all thought it was over. It was not over it just began. So my nana went to the office to talk to the

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