Personal Narrative Essay On Miska's Home

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It was a terrifying transition going from the average life of a thirteen year old boy to that of a contained Jew. In school Miska Freudenberg had always been the popular student. His plethora of friends meant the world to him. So, when all of that was taken away Miska was devastated. In the camp there was no one to call his friend. That was until Shmuel came along. Shmuel was only eight years old, but the camp matured him greatly. Miska instantly grew attached to him; it was almost as if he had a little brother again. Miska stopped caring about himself and started obsessing over his only friend’s well-being. They had a spot they called their own by the gate of the camp. It had a beautiful view of the thick forest nearby. Everyday was the same…show more content…
He had an idea of what had actually cause the disappearance of Shmuel’s father, but he didn’t have the heart to tell unfortunate boy. “I certainly hope so, I do not know what I would do if something horrible happened to him.” Shmuel replied, his metaphorically heavy shoulders sagging. “Cheer up Shmuel. I honestly thought it impossible, but you’re dampening the mood of the entire camp!” Miska joked at their constant situation. Shmuel looked up at him. “I suppose you’re right, Miska.” Shmuel gave a pitiful smile. “Let’s see if Bruno has arrived.” Miska suggested. Shmuel nodded his head ‘yes’ and so they snuck off. When they arrived they noticed Bruno was there, a woven picnic basket in hand. “I brought chocolate.” Bruno stated plainly. Miska and Shmuel nodded. An uncomfortable silence fell over the three boys. “Did something happen?” Bruno asked inquisitively. Miska glanced at Shmuel. “My father has gone missing.” Shmuel explained. Bruno gave a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry. I wish I could help you.” Bruno sighed. Shmuel perked up. “Perhaps you can,” Shmuel started to formulate his plan and explain it to Bruno and Miska. “That’s
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