Personal Narrative : My Best Friend

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“This is so cool!” Charlotte squealed turning the wheel with the gentle curves of the highway. We were going on the first drive we had gone on after she got her license four days ago. We were going on a trip to the nearest water park near our home town. Even though we were going to the nearest park it was still a hour long drive on the one highway anywhere near us that was used mainly for the Semi Trucks to carry the produce Willowsgrove, Nebraska, our home town, is best for. “Yeah it kind of is.” I grinned back at her trying to bury the nervousness that was gnawing at me. Charlotte is my best friend and has been since our mothers had met after giving birth to us at the only hospital in our small town. She is probably the only reason I am not qualified as a nerd at school, with her multitude of friends that were constantly circling around her try to make a good impression. Since she always picked me to be her partner for anything and we always hung out they decided I wasn’t total lame. In fact some were nice to me just to get on her good side. “Um..aren’t you going a little fast?” I murmured nervousness winning as I clutched the slick leather seat of the convertible she had gotten for her birthday. The trees next to the road seemed to fly past us, and my stomach lurched. Checking the speed gauge I realized we were going at speed limit. What that can’t be right! I thought we were going at like 127! “Don’t be such a worry wart, Bethany

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