Personal Narrative : My First Rendezvous With Computer Science

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing”. These words by Voltaire, describe my first rendezvous with Computer Science when I entered the computer lab in my 3rd grade at school. Simple commands making a turtle move on the screen in the LOGO programming environment amazed me. I thought about the different permutations that could create something new each time. Little did I know that this subject would transform into an in-depth interest and change the lives of people all over the world as daily life problems could be converted into a few lines of code through an underlying logic. Understanding this logic requires me to understand various technologies, their potentials and their drawbacks as ten to fifteen years down the line of my career I see myself as an entrepreneur. I believe that a Masters in Computer Science would hone my skills and help me to effectuate my dream. Maths, Physics and Computer Science were my favourite subjects in high school and this coupled interest kept me a step ahead of everyone else. The immense satisfaction that automating a problem yields, led me to opt for Computer Science as my major. I worked with innate tenacity and secured an All India Rank among top 1% that got me admitted to HBTI Kanpur, one of the oldest and prestigious colleges in India. The curriculum exposed me to several courses and I developed a fervent interest in Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming and

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