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It was a cold, February night at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Boonville, MO. I was at my eighth grade formal. Leading up to my high school years, I was always in my shell. I never came out. A group of my friends and I had been dancing and I noticed two guys walk in. One, I knew through his sister. The other, I knew was in the grade younger than me and his name was Kendall, but nothing more. They walked in basically like they owned the place. Of course, me being shy Vanessa, just wrinkled my nose and turned the other way. Even though I tried not to watch them, I couldn’t help it. I don’t remember much else, but I had never danced with anyone before. I thought, Kendall is going to dance with me. That sounds really conceited, but that's what I was thinking. However, Kendall didn’t ask me to dance so I went on with my night. After returning home and going back to my everyday life, sometime that week my friend Garrett had given me Kendall’s Snapchat. Of course, butterflies were flying, this was only like the second guy to ever actually notice me. We joked around for awhile and he brought up not dancing with me. I had made the comment that he must’ve been too good for me and he told me he knew right from that moment that I liked him...I guess you could say people can read me like a book.
Fast forward to the summer of my eighth grade year, going into my freshman year. Cami was having a bonfire and we went swimming in his pond. Everyone knew Kendall and I liked each other so

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