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What SUV Should I Purchase?
I am going to say that is true that women can discern when there needs to be a specific change regardless of the situation. Weeks before I found out I was going to be a mother for the first time I was adamant about upgrading my car to a SUV. The logic that I used to bring me to this conclusion was: the fact that my boyfriend is 6ft. 4in., I constantly need to drive my team to lunches and events, and my car was just too old and I wanted something larger. Then on July 4th, I found I was expecting a new baby and this outweighed all of the other logic. Now I must decide what SUV I should purchase.
What SUV is Safe?
After deciding that I for sure wanted an SUV, I made a list of all the SUV's I liked. I would also point
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Studies on the effect of emotions in negotiations show that negotiators in a positive mood process information more effectively, are more creative, and thus are more innovative in solving problems". Lewicki, Barry & Saunders (2015) (page 81) Kelley Blue Book, has the suggested MSRP at $31,995.00. Kelley Blue Book (2016) Ford is currently offering 2.9% on all new SUV's with a minimum down payment. I used the tactic of waking up early on a Saturday morning and applying online versus going into the dealership and being seen as a hungry buyer. I made myself seem very passive, and in no hurry at all to close a deal. The dealership called me immediately but also used the hurry up and wait tactic for me. They pretended that they had lots of customers waiting to wrap up paperwork and that the finance department was backed up. What they did not realize about me was that I dated the GM of Toyota of Dallas and still had him to rely on throughout this process. They called me two hours later with a deal of 6.9%, for 72 months, $635 per month, and $2,000 down. What I thought was strange was that they asked me what my budget was and I told them, I could afford $700 per month, but did not want to pay more than $525 per month. From the numbers they placed me right in the middle of what I wanted and what I could
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