Personal Philosopy Statement on Early Childood Education

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Personal Philosophy Statement of Early Childhood Education




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This essay is my personal philosophy statement on early childhood education which represent my views on what should be done in the early childhood sector these include ;to impart fine morals and ideals in the children that I come into contact with, esteem each child and the families culture, beliefs, and race, make sure that the treatment I give to each child is fair to ensure that in each child the feeling of equality is developed, I will also have the community work with the families of the children and the educationists as a team, be a constant advocator of the kids, maintain an environment full of fun, interesting and still …show more content…

I also believe each person that the child comes into contact with is a teacher to the child either directly or indirectly. In reference to this it’s imperative for the families to recognize that they are the first teachers of their children and this should be recognized, as the process of working with the children and the families is initiated. As an educationist in the early childhood education sector, I have a belief that the environment in which a child is placed plays a major role in bringing into full utilization of all their capabilities, In that there is no limiting the child in whatever he or she wants to do, but this also means that the people allowed to interact and teach the children are persons who can be fully trusted and those who can lookout for the children’s wellbeing and bring out their potential.

Creating such an environment is the initial step taken into child guidance. The creation of this environment entails the implementation of activities and opportunities which are appropriate for those age groups and still open up the children exploration potentials, most of the bad behaviors can be dealt with at the instance. The age limits are okay but a child’s progress must be considered when putting into place those limits for each child. Through the consistency, guidance and with the daily plan and programs

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