Personal Reflection : Wheelchair And Accessible Public Buildings

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Chapter 1 Introduction Wheelchair and accessible public buildings Personal Reflection “My life revolves around my two children. They see me as ‘Mummy’, not a person in a wheelchair and do not judge me or our life. This is now changing as my efforts to be part of their life is limited by the physical access of schools, parks and shops; the attitudes of other parents; and the reality of needing 8 hours support a day with personal care….. I cannot get in to the houses of my children’s friends and must wait outside for them to finish playing. I cannot get to all the classroom at school so I have not met many other parents. I can’t get close to the playground in the middle of the park or help out at the sporting events my children want to be…show more content…
Thus, inaccessibility enforced by environmental features or structures create handicap particularly for individuals using wheelchair as a form of mobility device. Such situations will limit participation and inclusion in societal activities thereby impacting negatively on the quality of life of people with disability using wheelchair. Nigeria has its share of people living with disabilities with an estimated figure of nineteen million people and a projected fifty percent (50%) rise by the year 2015 (JONAPWD, 2010). The responsibility of making the environment disable friendly lies primarily on the government at all levels. It is the rights of every individual to access public buildings such as offices, (work place), hospitals, schools and others irrespective of his / her physical or mental conditions (Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2014; Disability Discrimination Act, 2010). Efforts to improve social participation and inclusion can be made by addressing the issues of inaccessibility of the transport system as well as the public infrastructures including buildings so as to reduce barriers to social inclusion for many individuals with disabilities (WHO 2011). In order to achieve the above, there is a need to conduct a research with clear cut objectives which will be directed at identifying the scope and nature of barriers encountered
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