Personal Space Is A Distance Boundary

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Do anxious people need more personal space than a regular person? Personal space is a distance boundary you feel comfortable being next to a person face to face. According to the popular article by Douglas Main, an average person has a boundary of 20 to 40 centimeters and an anxious person have a boundary of 30 to 50 centimeter, according to the original article by Chiara F. Sambo and Gian D. Iannetti. Two tests were conducted to verify if anxiety really causes a person to need a larger personal space. On the first test, participants will get stimulated and on the second test, participants will get questionnaires to answer. The popular article “Anxious types need more personal space” mentions personal space as “a protective invisible bubble around their body to keep themselves safe from unwanted intrusions” (Douglas Main), it is a distance that each person feel safe around another person. The size of a personal space varies from person to person but in general, each person’s personal space is about 20 to 40 centimeters distance. Compare an anxious person, the general distance of 20 to 40 centimeters is not enough and depending on how anxious the person is, their personal space might be even larger. What the use of personal space? In the popular article, Douglas Main quotes that personal space is like a “flight zone”. It is a distance you want to keep from other and a boundary, if crossed will send the person in alert mode. But having a larger personal space
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