Anxiety Is Not A New Disorder

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What is Anxiety?
We all know the feeling of anxiety. Some may not be able to distinguish it from fear. For others, it 's a constant struggle that impedes almost every aspect of their lives. Anxiety is not a new disorder caused by recent advancements in technology. Rather, it’s always been with us and our psyche since our beginnings. From the times when mankind lived in caves, anxious about killing a large predator or other attacking humans. To today, anxious about finals or an upcoming deadline at work. The difference between fear and anxiety is generally differentiated by 4 categories. How long someone 's response to a threat lasts, It’s temporal state, whether its concentrated on a single threat or a broad problem, and what response that …show more content…

Also when a child grows up with an anxiety disorder it restricts them from fully developing their constructive coping skills, which helps someone focus on confronting problems directly and knowing how to recognize bad reactions to stress. Overall, when a child or teen has an anxiety disorder it throws their entire life off balance and affects their coping skills for future roadblocks. To give a child the best possible future it is imperative to find and help those children before the disorder causes them any distress.
Symptoms of Anxiety can be organized into two main groups: Psychiatric symptoms, which relates to the effects on the mind and Physiological symptoms, which relates to the effects on the body. It is important to learn and recognize all symptoms of anxiety to catch it early on. This is especially important for K-12 teachers because they spend a harge chunk of time with children in a social environment where symptoms of anxiety can be easily spotted.
Psychiatric Symptoms:
Anxiety causes three general types of psychiatric symptoms: Behavioral, Cognitive, and Emotional effects. Behavioral: When someone has anxiety they will try to prevent future episodes by withdrawing themselves from certain situations that have triggered an anxiety attack, anxious episode, or bad feelings

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