Personal Statement : Emotional Intelligence Survey Essay

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After completing the Emotional Intelligence Survey I was able to find my areas of strength as well as areas where I can improve upon. Although I was strong in certain aspects of the survey, I feel as though constant improvement, even on one’s strengths, is necessary in order to be successful. More specifically the areas I was strong in were categories that included self-awareness, self-motivation, social awareness, and social skills. I can agree with this because I value self-recognition tremendously, I do often engage in motivating myself to pursue opportunities and perform tasks, and I very much so enjoy interacting with others.

My weak area was the self-regulation portion; most of my responses to how often I handled each situation were “usually.” I need to improve on controlling my feelings in certain situations, trying to be more aware of tasks and their proposed deadlines, managing my time wisely, and executing new ideas that I myself have formulated. Other weaknesses were found in most of the areas where my strengths were. Most of them involved taking risks, which my personality often deters me from engaging in.
The Towson University Health Care Management Program curriculum and internship program has provided us with the necessary tools and sources to achieve the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (KSA’s) listed in the Core Competencies. Even though we have been guided in the right direction, I find that I am not fully aligned or parallel with all the given

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