Personal Statement On Emotional Intelligence

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1.0 Introduction
Australian Business Leaders have identified skills that are most important in a business landscape; these include Continuous Professional Development and Communication Skills. In this portfolio I will reflect upon my skill development and learning’s in BSB124 – Working In Business. Through this reflection I will discuss my skills built through the learning of Emotional Intelligence throughout the unit. I will be discussing Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence theory that we have learnt as well as other practical ways of testing Emotional Intelligence. I will also discuss an area of possible improvement of my Emotional Intelligence linking to my future career prospects through my own personal results in the Schuttes Emotional Intelligence Test.
2.0 Intrapersonal Effectiveness

Intrapersonal effectiveness by definition is the understanding of yourself, your goals, strengths, weaknesses, style and your biases. Once understood it helps you achieve improving self-management skills, such as time management and stress management. (De Janasz, Wood, Gottschalk, Dowd and Schneider 2006, p.3) In this portfolio I will be discussing my intrapersonal effectiveness through Schuttes Emotional Intelligence Test. In my personal goal of attaining a UEFA Pro License; which enables me to coach at the highest level of football (McLaren, 2010) it is imperative that have a high emotional intelligence to handle the wellbeing of foreign players as well as keeping a team in high spirits…
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