Personal Statement For Fire Service

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I am applying for promotion because I wish to continue my development and better myself within my fire service career but also to have an opportunity to positively lead others encouraging growth and excellence through my hard work and dedication to the service.

During my time at Swindon RDS I have demonstrated leadership and support of my colleagues during some very challenging times including a major disciplinary process involving management of the section, this put the whole watch into a difficult position and it affected both performance and morale severely, I used my time not only to support the parties directly involved in the process but understanding that the implications of the process affected everyone I actively led and supported the watch as a whole, often liaising between management, the watch and other departments to ensure the watch continued to work together as a complete unit and the negative effects were minimised as much as possible.
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I believe I am a suitable candidate because I uphold the fire service values in everything I do by continually striving to better myself through additional training and courses which will ensure I am in the best position I can be to help and lead
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