Personal Statement For Marine Engineering

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In order to be a highly effective man, I believe that talent and working hard are not enough, one should also go for his own dreams. It takes me some time to find out how to pursue my dream which is serving people in the real world. My father is from Abadan, a coastal city in southern Iran. In my childhood, he always talked to me about the poor people in the coastal cities of Iran. The main job of those people is fishing. However, lack of properly designed fishing ships and corrosion of existing ships have caused some fishermen to lose their lives due to ship sinking and fishing became a low-profit business every year. For this reason, I was very excited to have any contribution to improving the life quality of these people by appropriate designing of the ships. So I found myself greatly interested in optimal designing of the various ships mainly fishing ships. This encouraged me to select to be a Marine Engineer. However, the most of my friends looked down on me because Marine Engineering was not a popular course in my country and they told me you will regret in the future. However, despite all the contempt, the strong educational background and great enthusiasm led to I believed that I would be successful in this course. Therefore, I finally decided to be a Marine Engineer. In BSc, during the seven …show more content…

I qualified to get a scholarship to continue my MSc course in the field of ship hydrodynamics in the department of marine engineering at the Amirkabir University of Technology, known as the best marine engineering school in the country. During MSc, I was ranked 2nd among 19 students with GPA 17.89/20 (the average GPA of the Department was 14). Having more publications and high GPA in compared with the other students led to that I qualified as an Excellent Student in the entire

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