Personal Statement : My Personal Brand

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Your personal brand according to Frye (2014) is, “is what people say about you in a professional environment”. Personal branding is an image you try to instill or what people devise about you through observation and interaction. Frye (2014) also mentions how you control your own personal brand through your actions and behavior. You can control your personal brand or professional reputation by how you dress, speak, communicate, and by appropriate behavior. Personal branding is the reputation that you as a professional try to build for yourself.
Professional disposition can be broken down into five areas, responsibility, collaboration, diversity, professional behavior, and personal well-being. When I evaluated my self in the area of responsibility, I felt I did fairly well. According to the College of Education Professional Disposition Evaluation (2007), being responsible is showing up to work on time. Completing assigned work, without mistakes and turning it in on time, along with complying with school rules and procedures and communicating with supervisors and others. I feel that my previous work history in this program, at UCCS and previous occupation will show that I am very responsible and can be trusted with responsibility.
The second area of professional disposition is effectively collaborating with collogues. Frye (2014) explains it as a person who, “actively participates and contributes positively and equitably to group projects or activities”. This is an area

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