Personal Statement On Employee Communication

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Employee Communication Handbook Our company has been fortunate to experience incredible growth over the past few years. The importance of effective communication has never been greater. And as we continue to grow we will need to focus more thought and effort to what we are communicating and how we are sharing our message. Before you is a handbook that you can refer too to help everyone become better communicators.
Determining Audience
The first step to effective communication is to know who you are trying to communicate with. The human resource department recognizes the diversity of Text for Thought. Our company is made up of varied educations, backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities. To effectively communicate one must try to identify and acknowledge the differences or commonalities of those you are communicating with. Before you start you should ask yourself a few questions:
• How many people am I communicating with?
• What are their demographic traits (Age, education, hobbies, gender and backgrounds)?
• What do they already know regarding the topic at hand?
• Is there other material to be presented? What are these supplements, what does it entail and when will it be available.
• How quickly do you need to get you point across? Do you have the ability to present additional information such as visual aids or not?
Audience size is important in considering the style in which you will communicate. Are you speaking to an individual, a small group or are you presenting

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