Personal Values In Life

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Introduction Holding values in life is the best way to live a moral life. Values are a pile of knowledge to our foundation of living. It gives us purpose and the reason to move on in life. Focusing on what is worthy and valid in life helps people understand their real values in life. By definition, “values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work”, (Mind Tools, 2017, p.1). They usually regulate your priorities and quantify them to determine how your life turns out to be. It can be positive or negative depending on your values. Personal Values and Spiritual Beliefs My personal values solemnly depend on my spiritual belief in the one and only God and the His son Jesus Christ. Born in a Christian family was a great thing because I knew God at a very tender age even though I didn`t have a personal relationship with Him until I was 18 years. My parents always instilled the great Christian values which are the teachings of Jesus Christ. These values are loving God with all my heart, showing compassion to others, showing love to everyone around me, be at peace with everyone, love my enemies and living a life that is an example of Jesus Christ. I am not trying to portray myself to be perfect, but I really try to live according to the will of God. My plans and the moves I take, I pray and ask God for direction. If I feel peace about the situation, then go ahead but if not, then I don`t. For example, few years ago when I was looking for a job around my area because where I was working was a bit far. I was coming home late from work every day and it was dangerous. I prayed and asked God to direct me to the hospital that He wants me to apply to and I applied at the hospital I work now. But it was challenging to get in. The recruiter did not just like me for the reason I don`t know about. She told me she will look at the resume and will call me. I continued praying and I asked my pastor also to be praying for me. Then after 2 weeks, she called me for an interview, which I still think she didn`t know why she called me. Anyway, I was not surprised because I believed that God has given me this job. To my surprise, she started telling my director of nursing not to hire

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