Personality Analysis : Personality And Personality

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Personality Analysis
Michelle Jose
Argosy University
June 15, 2015 Personality Analysis Personality is the dynamic organization of characteristics that blend or make a person unique and though in his or her appearance or reasoning. (Weinberg & Gould, 1999). According to Eysenck 1966, when he was working in a hospital based in London he was exposed to many different patients. Eysenck’s work led him to develop a very important and well known model of personality in the psychology world. His model on personality theory was the result of culmination of answers to questionnaires on personality styles and statistics that he identified specific parameters to measure them and use in the theory. He used three categories of personality traits and these were; extraversion, psychoticism, and neuroticism. In 1940 Eysenck was doing work at the Audley psychiatric hospital in London while developing his theory. His job at the hospital was to make an initial assessment of each person admitted to the facility prior to being diagnosed by a psychiatrist. This position at the hospital led him to track and write many questions pertaining to behavior and personality. The questions were later applied to more than 700 soldiers who were being treated for neurotic disorders at Maudsley hospital (Eysenck, 1966). From this questionnaire and research Eysenck drew conclusions that the soldiers’ answers correlated with one another, suggesting that

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