Personality And Interpersonal Communication : Chapter 5 Summary

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Personality and Interpersonal Communication – Chapter 5 Summary
Lula W. Wallace
Liberty University Personality and Interpersonal Communication
I. The way humans communicate is influenced by heritage and biological make-up.
A. There have been several studies on genetics to make claims about human personality.
B. It is believed that people are susceptible to certain behaviors
II. The importance of what makes people different has been questioned by many scholars
A. Researchers continue to argue the significance of how individual characteristics play a role in communication.
B. The argument on validity of trait value has been the subject of researchers pertaining to situations.
III. There has been subjective analysis on differences of individuals.
A. Goldberg (1993) presented five dimensions as a framework of suggestion in regards to personality.
B. The five dimensions consist of neuroticism, extraversion, intellect/openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness.
C. The five dimensions have been called the “Big Five” and have been used in several psychological studies.
IV. There has been little research on the correlation of demographics in interpersonal communication.
A. Researchers have explored the differences of people from different cultures.
B. Researchers have explored the life span of individuals and how this variable affects communication.
C. Researchers have explored the gender of individuals.
a. Personality characteristics are influenced by gender differences

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