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To: Jacqueline CEO Persuade Café Intranet From: CC: Division Manager Date: October 6, 2014 Re: Suggested Improvement Plan Hello Jacqueline, I have had the chance to review the information you presented on how to improve Persuade Cafes profits and Stock prices. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a few changes that I believe are necessary to make, in order for Persuade Café to operate at a profit and increase year over year sales as well as continue to please clients it serves. After carefully reviewing the surveys I have come to conclusion that Persuade Café does not have consistent service. Numerous surveys state that the speed at which service is offered is different from store to store and employee to employee. This …show more content…

Overhead cost is very large and profit margins are very small therefore I believe that the energy needs to be spent elsewhere rather than selling t-shirts. In conclusion, before we go out there spending money, I believe that these changes need to be implemented immediately. They are very cost effective yet certain to improve customer satisfaction and sales. Changes to implement Starting October 15th: As a start I am suggesting to immediately cross train

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