Persuasive Against School Uniforms

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Students clothing generally does not disrupt education in schools and therefore should have the right to choose their outfits. Students use clothing as an outlet for self-expression and as part of their identity. Advocates for uniforms are convinced that uniforms are effective, however; forcing students to wear uniforms has a negative impact on academic achievement. School uniforms are not beneficial to students education in the public school. School uniforms withhold students the opportunity to have creativity and self-expression. Judy Park in her article "Do School Uniforms Lead to Uniform Minds?: School Uniforms and Appearance Restrictions in Korean Middle Schools and High Schools" remarks that school uniforms do not allow students to…show more content…
By making young girls wear skirts they must become aware of how they sit and move about. They must be conscious about sitting with their legs together to not expose any undergarments. In addition to paying attention to sitting, they must be aware of their movements. Bending over to pick something up could expose undergarments so they must think how they move for everyday activities. Requiring Skirts part of the uniform schools sends a negative message to young girls to be mindful of their bodies and make sure they do not distract men. There is an unclear division for girls between what is acceptable and what is not in public schools. On one hand, young women claim that schools are excessively harsh with their dress code policies. However, young women are also disapproving of clothing that is revealing. Rebecca Raby in her article "Tank Tops Are Ok but I Don't Want to See Her Thong" Girls' Engagements with Secondary School Dress Codes" claims that dress codes are gendered often only applying to the young women in schools (Raby 2). Many schools implement uniforms to solve this problem with the dress code. By giving all young women in schools the same outfit they eliminate issues with deciding what is acceptable and what is not. When everyone dresses the same girls cannot be labeled based on what they are wearing. With any rules, there are issues of people not following them. In this instance schools have problems with young women not following the dress code. Many
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