Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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It is 2000 and a baby has just been born to a very poor unhappy family…. (13 Years Later) BILLY!!!!!!!!!! “Where are my glasses at? You know I don’t like when my glasses are messed with!” Mom mentions, “Mom I haven't touched or seen you glasses.” Billy comments back, “Don't you lie to me young man!” *smacks Billy’s hand* -mom… It's been 17 years and all Billy gets is mistreated at school and at home and he is sick of it! After years of being bullied and misunderstood by many people BIlly has gotten very irritated and is wanting a change. One night Billy stays up very late making something that will put him in a deep sleep causing him to wake up a couple days later with a better happier family! That next morning Billy puts his recipe in his breakfast which makes him collapse. He is home alone and nobody knows anything has happened! It looks as if Billy's potion work but after a couple days he has not woken up woken up yet, and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and months turned into years! After 20 years out of know where Billy has woken from the potion created in this old broken down house that use to be called his home. A couple moments after he has woken a young lady riding around a curb on a tricycle and wonders why he has never seen her before because Billy knows everybody! Billy walks downtown where he would meet with a friend for some coffee every morning before school. BIlly does not seeing anything but a grown man that looks like the friend he

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