Persuasive Essay : Ineffective Physics

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Ineffective Physics Worksheet Most of the teachers follow a new style of teaching, which requires students to work in groups in order to benefit from each other. However, this style can be ineffective if the text that is provided to each group does not have clearly stated guidelines. It also can be ineffective if it does not specify who should work with whom, especially in science classes where the abilities of one person varies from another. In most of these cases, one or two of the members take the responsibility for an entire assignment. As a result, some students will not receive the grades that they deserve and the whole group will not achieve the maximum benefit. An example of one of the texts that addresses this problem is a physics worksheet. This worksheet is provided to students in the discussion section of the physics class. It usually contains two to three problems related to the material that was covered by the Professor in the previous lectures. Students are required to work in groups and turn in one worksheet that represents the whole group at the end of the class. This worksheet turns out to be ineffective in communicating the goal of the physics discussion section, which is providing assistance in understanding physics beside the lectures. The worksheet does not have any guidelines or instructions regarding the format of the work that should be done and turned in. Also, groups usually consist of four members and one worksheet is provided to each group. A
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