Persuasive Essay On Break Up

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To set the scene, you have just ended an important relationship in your life. After putting blood, sweat and tears into this relationship for the past five months, you began to realize it was all for nothing. Now, getting dumped by your significant other causes a pain that hurts very deeply, but breaking off a relationship that you desperately were trying to make work can sometimes hurt more. The endless weekends of moving around your schedule to fit in time when it was convenient for them almost compared to the empty feeling generated by the lack of effort put in by your partner. As your friends bombarded you left and right to end it, you fiercely fought them, promising that in a couple of weeks you would figure it out. At first, a…show more content…
Out of all the possible options of getting over someone, this way presents itself to be the most harmless, and fun way of mending your broken heart. Though the next way serves the same purpose while also getting professional advice. Down this road, it may seem like nothing is getting better, or that none of your attempts of feeling better are going as planned. It is okay to reach that point and decide that you need to see a professional, like a therapist, that can give you advice and listen to you. Going out with your friends can make you happy and enjoy the people who still surround you, but you might need to take an extra step to secure your thoughts and happiness. It can be as simple as going over what has happened to you, and getting advice on how to cope with that. It can also go deeper as you talk about how this situation has affected your mind set and emotions. One visit may be what you need, but it varies with the event and person. This approach can be extremely valuable and helpful because words from someone who is not personally involved in your situation can be revealing and more truthful than someone who is biased. Taking this path is a healthy step towards improvement rather than drowning yourself in your friends. While the methods first presented are extremely helpful and can, alone, successfully help you restore who you once were, some
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