Persuasive Essay On Exercise

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Now Is the Time to Commit to Be Fit
Ashley J. Schroeder
Denver College of Nursing

Now Is the Time to Commit to Be Fit
Self-care is important for every person. Taking the time to do activities and engaging in behaviors that make one happy is vital to health. One of those activities could be exercising, which has many health benefits that contribute to a person’s overall health. There are obvious benefits that many people consider when thinking about exercise, such as weight management, strengthening bones and muscles, as well as reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease; however, there are other advantages that are not as obvious which can positively impact overall health. Some of these advantages include decreasing depression, preventing metabolic disorders and some cancers, improving memory, and decreasing stress. It can sometimes be a struggle for people to exercise on a daily basis due to time constraints, prior engagements, or work, but by dedicating some time every week to getting in some form of exercise, the benefits of exercise can be achieved. Self-care by means of exercising is valuable because of the advantages that come from engaging in it, which reveals that it should be integrated in the nursing practice by teaching patients about these benefits.
Depression and stress affect many people, and, in some, can be debilitating. People who are experiencing depression and stress often report reduced energy levels, lack of motivation,
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