Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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To begin, having a standard set of dress generally allows for improved health and overall happiness among the school community. Uniforms, as the name suggests, create unity and bring a sense of pride to many students, greatly contributing to their well-being. Being part of a greater community, whether students realize it or not, helps to satisfy man’s natural desire to belong. Belonging to and taking pride in the school community helps young adults to feel more confident, as they feel part of something greater than themselves, while also having the advantage of teaching group collaboration and communication. While being part of a school community is one thing, having positive relations with that given community is another. Bullying at all levels of schooling has become a big issue; one that can also be corrected through the use of a uniform policy. Differences in socioeconomic classes are often the most prominent in clothing, which often makes certain children the target of teasing and bullying. Furthermore, when students all wear the same clothing, these occurrences are less likely. As is the case with all things, there is a flipside to this viewpoint. Those who object school uniforms often argue that bullying in schools is inevitable, not being impacted by a constant in apparel whatsoever. Although uniforms may not prevent bullying altogether, it certainly has an impact on bullying based solely on clothing. This may seem minute, but even a little change is better than

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