Persuasive Speech On Fast Food

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In life, one needs three things: food, shelter, and clothing. I have found that it is hard enough to eat a well rounded, appetizing meals in day-to-day life. This difficulty is increased when I am often on the go and do not have time to make a healthy meal. It sometimes feels like it can boil down to fast food out or microwaving frozen dinners at home. I struggled with this until I started learning how to cook wholesome meals for myself. Once I started beginning to cook for myself, I fell in love with Asian cuisine. I believe some of my biggest draws to this cuisine were the diversity in flavor options, the easiness to combine protein and vegetables on one plate, and the limited time required to prepare a meal. Today I would like to share with you how to make my favorite meal, Stir Fry. The first step to making stir fry is to go to the grocery store and get the ingredients you need. Generally when I go grocery shopping, I prefer to buy my produce and meats from a local farmer’s market or produce stand. Buying meats and produce locally result in fresher product and less pesticides in one's food. If you are not in a position to buy your groceries from a local farmer's market, do not fret; other food stores offer an array of products to choose. When you go shopping, you will need an assortment of vegetables, a protein of choice, stir fry sauce, and rice or noodles for a base. The base of your vegetables should be made of bell peppers and onions. The best peppers for a stir fry

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